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  • Αvoid sunbathing and remain in shaded and cool places avoiding crowded places.
  • Avoid heavy physical work, particularly in places with high temperature, no wind and great humidity. Avoid walking for a long period of time or running under the sun.
  • Prefer light, comfortable and light colored clothing from porous material in order to facilitate the airing of the body and the vaporization of sweat. Wear a hat or other head gear from natural material that permits the good airing of the head. Wear black or dark colored glasses with special layer which protect the eyes from the reflection of the sun.
  • Prefer small and light meals, with emphasis on fruits and vegetables. Limit fatty foods.
  • Drink large amounts of liquids (water and fruit juices). If sweating is intense, add salt to your food. Avoid alcoholic drinks.
  • Have many lukewarm showers during the day and place wet washcloths on your head and neck.
  • Take care of family members suffering from chronic diseases (respiratory, cardiovascular etc). Consult their doctor for the application of special instructions. For those who take medicines also consult their doctor.
  • Avoid long travels with public transport when the heat is at very high levels.


  • Dress them as lightly as possible. Make sure their hands and feet are free and not covered by nappies.
  • Make sure they are not exposed to the sun after swimming and they always wear a hat.
  • In addition to milk, it is recommended they drink other liquids as well. Consult your pediatrician.
  • As far as children are concerned, make sure they drink a lot of fluids (water and juices) and they eat more vegetables and fruits and fewer fats.


  • Move them to cooler places or areas (seaside or mountain), as a very hot and damp environment becomes dangerous. Alternatively, take care that they stay in lower apartments of multi-storey houses.
  • During nighttime keep the house open so that it is cooled and during daytime keep it hermetically closed.
  • Don’t leave elderly persons alone during summer vacations or during many days’ absence from home. In the opposite case, make sure that a person takes care of them.


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